Win cocktails for two with the #Taxiderme selfie!

If you’re a regular at The Milk Thistle, or even if you’ve just stuck your head round our door, you’ll know that we’re partial to a fabulous piece of taxidermy or two. Whether it’s The Milk Thistle’s waist coated badger, Hyde and Co’s top hatted squirrel, or The Ox’s family of Boars, we do love a dapper creature with a bit of personality! 

And this got us thinking…

We know that our lovely customers appreciate our motley crew of Taxidermy friends, and we also know that no matter what they say, nobody can resist a cheeky selfie on a night out with friends. So we’ve decided to bring the two together for our new social media competition – the #taxiderme selfie!

#taxiderme selfie (see what we did there?? Taxider…me?!) will be a monthly competition which will run across all three of our venues; The Milk Thistle, The Ox, and Hyde & Co, and getting involved couldn’t be easier.


To enter your #taxiderme selfie all you need to do is:


  • Choose your favourite piece of taxidermy in any one of our venues

  • Once you’ve decided on your favourite furry friend get snapping! Be warned though – the taxidermy don’t like being touched, and they do bite!

  • When you’re happy with your selfie upload it to Twitter or Facebook

  • Make sure you use the hashtag #taxiderme. You’ll also need to mention the venue you’re in (@themilkthistle, @theoxbristol, or @hydeandco) to ensure we see your picture

  • We’ll collate the submissions into a monthly album on Facebook, and our team will then choose their favourite for the month

  • The winner will receive cocktails for two at The Milk Thistle or Hyde & Co!


So get your best pout at the ready, get creative and get snapping your #taxiderme selfies! And if you needed a little inspiration, here’s Bristol blogger Dan (@simplelampoon) to show you how it’s done!



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