We want to see your #Taxiderme selfies!

You know we love our taxidermy here at The Milk Thistle, and the same can be said for our older brother Hyde & Co and our cousin The Ox. And do you know what we love even more than taxidermy? You fabulous folk – our customers!

So, not ones to pass up on a perfect match we decided to bring the two together, and lo and behold, #Taxiderme was born!

The principle of #Taxiderme is simple – here’s how to do it:

1. Find your favourite piece of taxidermy, be it at home or even better, in one of our venues.

2. Crack out your best pose, and take your selfie!

3. Tweet your #taxiderme selfie to @themilkthistle with the hashtag #taxiderme and Bob’s your uncle – you’ve done it!

And the best thing about it? We’ll be picking our favourites at the end of each month, and the winner will receive cocktails for two with us!

If you need a little inspiration then here’s our pick of the best so far!

Emma with her rather quizzical goose!
Sam’s first submission – it’s a tough act to beat!
No wonder Dean got his daughter to be the model in his #taxiderme selfie – she’s got that pose nailed!
Sam’s second entry! Who wins between the bear and the lion?!

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