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The Smuggler’s Ball – New Year’s Eve at The Milk Thistle

This New Year’s Eve prepare to take a step back in time, as we take you on a whirlwind tour through the colourful history of The Milk Thistle itself. Ladies and gentlemen, we present…The Smuggler’s Ball!

Sunday 31st November
9pm- 3pm


Beginning in the mid-1800’s, we’ll take you through the ages through the means of performance, cocktails and costume, as we throw another of our legendary New Year’s Eve parties! We’ll be pulling out all of the stops, ensuring it’s a night fit for the Lords, Ladies, Pirates, Rogues and other colourful characters who have passed through our doors across the centuries.


Having begun life as the Merchant’s House, The Milk Thistle has hidden many secrets over the years. With rumours of smuggling, clandestine meetings and hauntings, we’ll be letting you in on all of the weird and wonderful happenings from bygone ages with a night of live music, DJs and dancing until the small hours. Expect the champagne to flow as easily as the tales of what’s happened behind our closed door over the decades!


For just £35 you can join us for a decadent night of music, dancing and cocktails, kicking off at 9pm and taking you all the way through till 3am. We’ll treat you to three historically inspired cocktails in your ticket price, as well as all night entertainment. As with all of the best parties at The Milk Thistle the night will be fancy dress, so dust off your glad rags, channel your inner Victorian high class society and celebrate New Year’s Eve with what’s sure to be the most opulent evening in town!

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