The Bristol Brighton Bar Swap Final

The Bristol Brighton Bar Swap at The Milk Thistle


Next Thursday 29th September we’ll be hosting a very special one off evening at The Milk Thistle, where we’ll be giving you a unique opportunity to get to know one of Brighton’s most exciting cocktail bars without even setting foot outside of Bristol!

The Bristol Brighton Bar Swap

Thursday 29th September

7 – 11pm



As part of a series of ‘bar swaps’, we’ll be bringing the outstanding team from one of Brighton’s premier cocktail bars, The Plotting Parlour, to The Milk Thistle, where they’ll be running a shift behind the bar and showing us exactly how it’s done down in Brighton.

Bar swaps are nothing new. Back in the 80’s Absolut Vodka took the best bartenders from New York, and the best bartenders from London, and immersed them within each other’s bar cultures. This gave the teams an unrivalled opportunity to learn new techniques, trade secrets and develop their skills using inspiration from other bars and bartenders, benefiting the cocktail scene in both cities.

The Plotting Parlour are renowned for their quirky presentation and lesser known cocktail ingredients, and they’re passionate about encouraging their customers to try something new. This makes them the perfect match for our team at The Milk Thistle, and we can’t wait to see what they’ve got to show us!

The team from The Plotting Parlour will be running a special Absolut menu at The Milk Thistle from 7-10pm on Thursday 29th September. The menu will feature three drinks from their team, and three drinks from ours, and we’ll be going head to head to decide whether Bristol or Brighton does it better, so drop by from 7pm and help us decide!

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