Pirates vs Privateers – The Battle Begins

The infamous pirate “Old Grog” and his cabin boy “One eyed Paige” fired the first shot with their welcome drink for the evening “The Bumbo”. Old Grog and his seafaring scallywags were much more discerning than people gave them credit for, whilst the navy were knocking back unsightly grog, pirates preferred the more sophisticated Bumbo, a heady mix of Jamaican rum straight off the still, citrus juice, grenadine and Nutmeg. Those silver spoon, wine drinking, law abiding land lubbers have no idea what real rum drinks are.

In retaliation to this illegal act of piracy, her majesty the Queen of Spain has enlisted the services of famous explorer “Sir William Powers” and notorious pirate hunter “Chelsie of the Bailey” to take down these motley scoundrels. Sir William’s first official decree is to announce his arrival drink, recently returned from his work with the East India Trading Co. Sir William has combined the finest Dominican rum with the exotic spices of the far east. The extravagant flavors of vanilla and cardamom will surely win out over those scurvy ridden pirates.

But come Easter Sunday, you, our honored guests will have to decide who wins the day. You will be presented with both welcome drinks by way of a bribe for your votes, and if you still can’t pick a winning side, both teams will put out a full cocktail lists to help you make your minds up!

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