Mamont Mission II

We are beyond proud to tell you that our Chelsie, and Todd from The Ox are currently in Moscow battling together in the finals of the Mamont Misson II.

The competition gives each participating team the opportunity to demonstrate their culinary skills with a complementing cocktail, capturing the Mamont Vodka’s Siberian heritage. The winning team of the grand finale in Moscow will take part in a breathtaking expedition to Siberia in search of the Great Mammoth.

Sounds amazing and we’ve got all the confidence in the world in our team, but there is some very talented competition! Before Chelsie and Todd left we asked them a few questions to see how they were feeling about the final, and going off to Moscow….

What dish/cocktail won you the semi final

It’s a Russian/Vietnamese inspired crab salad served on a crispy pork skin mammoth tusk… Ha

How did you create the winning combination for the semi final? What was your inspiration?

It actually came together surprisingly quickly. Chesies first shake was almost bang on for the dish. We wanted a take on the fermented vegetables traditionally eaten with vodka in Russia

What challenges do you face in the final?

Lots of good chefs and barmen

Can you give us any sneaky peaks of your winning dish and cocktail?

No answer to this one, looks like it’s going to have to stay a secret!

Who’s your toughest competition

Well the team from the larder house were ahead of us in the UK final

What will you do when you win?

Do some Cossack dancing

Have you been to Moscow before?


Can you out drink a Russian? Will you even try?

Dunno, we’ll see

The best way to drink/eat vodka is…

Cold shots and pickles

We’re wishing the best of luck to both Todd and Chelsie and we can’t wait to see how they get on. You can keep up to date with the competition on Twitter by following #MamontMissionII

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