Jinzu – An Interview With Its Creator, Dee

We’re ever so proud of the people who make up our wonderful family and right now we are beaming from ear to ear about the wonderful achievements of one of our own, Dee Davies.

Dee is the creator of a spectacular new gin, Jinzu, and it’s about to hit the shelves of bars across the UK. So you know what you can expect, Jinzu is a classically British gin with a Japanese twist. Distilled in Cameron Bridge in Scotland in a traditional copper pot still Jinzu combines typical gin botanicals with exotic botanicals from Japan. First into the still are the Juniper from tuscany and coriander from East Europe. Next come the Japanese botanicals, yuzu citrus and cherry blossom, these are distilled up to approximately 82%. Finally, the finishing touch is added giving Jinzu it’s distinctive flavour, the heart of distilled Junmai sake. The gin is then diluted to its 41.3% bottling strength with de-mineralised Scottish water.

Sounds blooming marvellous doesn’t it! We can’t wait for the launch, and we bet you can’t now either, so we interviewed Dee to get a little more insider info…


Can you introduce yourself? Who are you? Where are you from?
My name is Dee Davies, I’m the creator and Western European brand ambassador for Jinzu, originally from a little town in Somerset called Martock.
How long have you worked in the bar trade?
I’ve worked in the bar trade since I turned 18 so 7 years now, I started working behind the bar in a bowling alley to pay my way through uni and then progressed to a proper(ish) bar during my third year, which ignited my love for the trade.
How long have you been in Bristol?
I moved to Bristol in 2010 just after I finished my degree as I knew I wanted to become a cocktail bartender and I thought Bristol would be the best place to do that.
What’s your favourite spot in Bristol?
There’s a few places in Bristol I regularly haunt depending on my mood, Hyde & Co or Redlight for a great cocktail, the Galimaufry for a beer and Pata Negra or the Doghouse for a party!
What’s your favourite cocktail/drink?
My favourite cocktail is the sazerac, I love Rye Whisky and a sazerac always picks you up. But usually you’ll find me drinking a neat Scotch!
Can you tell us a little bit more about Jinzu, what is it?
Jinzu is a British gin with a Japanese twist, created by a bartender for bartenders.
Where did the idea for Jinzu come from?
The inspiration came from combining what I love, a good British gin with my favourite country Japan. I say Jinzu reflects my personality, with its head in Britain but its heart in Japan.
What’s happening next for Jinzu?
Jinzu is to be launched at the end of October, at first it will only be sold in bars, but watch this space it will be in the shops before Christmas.
We’ve got our bottle of Jinzu ready, how do you recommend we drink it?
I prefer Jinzu as a dry martini with a touch of plum wine to complement the botanicals but it makes a great Jin&Tonic with fever tree Tonic and a slice of green apple.
Do you have any other amazing spirit concoctions planned for the future? 
At the moment I’m focusing all my attention on Jinzu so there’s no more spirit creations up my sleeve for the time being but I’d love to invent something else in the future.

If, like us, you now can not wait to get your hands on a bottle of Jinzu you better put the 23rd October in your diary as this is the day we celebrate with the Junzu Gin Ball. It’s part of Bristol’s Cocktail Week, it will be free to enter but it’s going to be busy! Find out more info here.


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