Introducing…Bristol Gin Week! 13th – 17th June

World Gin Day falls on Saturday 11th June, and we’ll be celebrating Britain’s enduring love affair with the nation’s favourite spirit, with not one, not two, but five days of Gin fuelled excitement. Ladies and gentlemen…we present Bristol Gin Week!

We’ll be hosting the city’s first ever Bristol Gin Week, which will run from Monday 13th June, where we’ll be showcasing some of the UK’s best gins for your imbibing pleasure, including two local gins created right here in the Bristol!

Bristol Gin Week coincides with World Gin Day on Saturday 11th June and will feature five days of specially designed cocktails, drawing on the colourful history of Gin. The menu will include classic cocktails such as the Martini, the Negroni and the Vesper, with each day themed around a different era and all cocktails made with special guest Gins. Speaking about the inspiration behind Bristol Gin Week our captain at the helm said:

Gin has had such a resurgence in recent years, and with World Gin Day falling on the 11th June we figured why dedicate just one day to our favourite spirit – let’s run a whole week!

We’ll be celebrating the history of Gin, hopefully introducing people to something new and exciting and of course raising a glass to the amazing local distillers such as Jinzu and Psychopomp who are really putting Bristol on the map when it comes to new and exciting Gins.”

Jinzu, created by Dee Davies, a familiar face from behind our bar in days gone by, is a British Gin with a Japanese twist, combining typical gin botanicals with exotic botanicals from Japan such as yuzu and cherry blossom. Psychopomp, created by distiller and previous Milk Thistle bartender Danny Walker, is hugely popular in Bristol and is made in their newly opened micro distillery and bar on St Michael’s Hill. Speaking about Bristol Gin Week Psychopomp founder Danny Walker said:

“It’s great that something as quintessentially British as gin is having a huge renaissance all over the world.”

The current gin craze is alive and well in Bristol, and we are enjoying the ride

One of my favorite gin distillers told me that it is important to be exceptional first and local second, and so that’s exactly what we try to do. That said we are incredibly proud to produce our gin in this amazing city

Other guests Gins will include British favourites such as Beefeater, Beefeater 24 and Burroughs Reserve and the week will culminate in our hugely popular Gin Through The Ages; a full venue takeover event on Friday 17th June which will transport drinkers through the fascinating history of Gin through the means of cocktails, costume, live music, DJs and burlesque. You can get your ticket here.

If you’d like to join us to celebrate Bristol Gin Week you can book a table by calling us on 0117 929 4429, or just drop in from 5pm on the following dates:

  • Monday 13th June – Jinzu
  • Tuesday 14th June – Psychopomp
  • Wednesday 15th June – Burroughs Reserve
  • Thursday 16th June – Beefeater 24
  • Friday 17th June – Gin Through The Ages – Beefeater



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