Happy New Beer's Eve

Happy New Beer’s Eve

On the 7th April, 1933, the beginning of the end of the Prohibition period in American was started when the sale of beer became legal again. Since then, the 6th of April has been an unofficial celebration, in America, known as New Beer’s Eve.

Prohibition was a nationwide constitutional ban on the sale, production, importation, and transportation of booze that remained in place from 1920 to 1933. It wasn’t actually illegal to drink during this period, and if you were religious then you could have your religious wine fix- praise the lord.

Prohibition was promoted by the “dry” crusaders – which sounds like the worst band of heros, ever. They fought pretty hard to keep the ban in place, but the trouble is, people were pretty sneaky. During prohibition the rise of organised crime increased, as did the illegal production and sale of liquor (known as “bootlegging”) and the proliferation of speakeasies (illegal drinking spots).


In the end the purpose of Prohibition, to rid America of the scourge of alcohol, ending up backfiring in a flurry of violent crime.

We are of course delighted that we don’t currently live under prohibition laws, and that we are free to delight in imbibing pleasures, however, if it weren’t for prohibition we wouldn’t drink some of the cocktails we have now such as the Gin Rickey, the French 75 and the Tom Collins. Also, fine establishments such as ourselves, which have been influenced by the prohibition era, may not exists.

So tonight, please raise a glass with us as we celebrate New Beer’s Eve and the end of Prohibition.

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