Bristol Cocktail Week

From the 30th September until the 6th October, the streets of Bristol will ring out with the symphonic sound of ice on glass, with the most exciting seven days in Bristol’s bartending calendar.

Bristol Cocktail Week will showcase the brightest stars of the South West, from the bars to the bartenders, old and new, who make them special.

For the drinking public, there will once again be a huge variety of tastings from the most premium and highly recognized spirit brands, held across the city, as well as cocktail parties for the more hands on (or hats off) of people.

The bartenders of Bristol will have events to look forward to as well. With a plethora of competitions and a series of in depth seminars, there will be something to appeal to every palate.

As well as all this, there will be incredible citywide offers in any bar worth visiting, so there will be no escape…from delectable booze.

To crown it all, there will be a prestigious award ceremony, where the nominees from a range of categories will be deemed winners, and have untold praise rain down on them. The losers will fall by the wayside, and have untold praise rain down on them.
For more information and a calender of events – click here

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