An Interview with Lizzie Lerwill, Plymouth Gin Brand Ambassador

We are going on a fabulous gin adventure with the wonderful Plymouth Gin at our next Gin Club. If you haven’t got your tickets yet you better do it quickly, as they are sailing out of the port faster than a pirate drinks rum. Get your tickets here for our gin club on the 20th April.

Setting sail with us at Gin Club will be Plymouth Gin’s brand ambassador, Lizzie Lerwill. She knows her stuff when it comes to gin and what Plymouth Gin has to offer, but we wanted to know more about her- and here’s what she has to say…

How long have you had the pleasure of working with Plymouth Gin?

I have been working with Plymouth Gin for 7 months now and have really enjoyed working

with such a great brand that has so many followers and fans. Prior to this I was still working

for our parent company, Pernod Ricard, on the Scotch whisky side of things as a brand

ambassador for Chivas Regal in Colombia.

When you’re not in the wonderful world of gin, what do you like to do with your

spare time?

Outside of the wonderful world of gin I like nothing better than socialising with friends at

home or out and about exploring London’s ever-expanding bar scene. The lines between the

gin world and my world can seem slightly blurred as I really enjoy social environments such

as bars, restaurants and clubs, so even when I am not working it is not unusual to find me

enjoying a gin and tonic somewhere! I am quite restless and love a change of scene so,

although it’s not possible as often as I would like, I always keep an eye out for cheap flights

to European cities for a very occasional weekend adventure. At home, I love to cook, and

even more so if I have the excuse to prepare something for family and friends.

Your favourite place to drink gin is…?

This is a very difficult question as there are so many great bars to pick from! If I had to pick

just one I think I would have to say Merchant House near Bank in London. This bar

specialises in gin and rum. Their selection is incredible and the staff are extremely

knowledgeable and friendly! I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for

something a little bit ‘off the beaten track’ in the heart of the city.

What makes Plymouth Gin stand out from other Gins?

Plymouth Gin is lucky enough to have both a unique story as well as a unique flavour profile

making it a gin like no other. The Plymouth Gin Distillery (Black Friar’s Distillery) first

started producing gin in 1793 giving it the title of the World’s oldest working gin distillery.

The Royal Navy were Plymouth Gin’s biggest fans when the distillery first opened and by the

1850s the sailors were consuming over 1000 barrels of Navy Strength Gin (57% ABV) per

year. In an attempt to cure scurvy and seasickness the Navy came up with the recipes for the

classic cocktails we now know as The Pink Gin and The Gimlet. Plymouth Gin is, therefore,

intrinsically linked to the development of the cocktail scene as we know it today.

In terms of flavour, Plymouth Gin is smooth and extremely well-balanced. For me, the sweet

orange peel and green cardamom pods are the botanicals that really stand out. You initially

get the sweetness of the orange on the tip of your tongue followed by a gentle hint of spice

from the cardamom pods and coriander seed. Unlike many gins on the market Plymouth is so

smooth and balanced that many people consider it a perfect sipping gin. It is not overly dry,

not overly juniper-heavy, making it agreeable to almost every pallet.

The perfect way to drink Plymouth gin is…?

The Plymouth range includes the 41.2% ABV gin, the Navy Strength (57% ABV) and our

sloe gin. For the 41.2% gin I would argue that Plymouth is one of the best (if not the

best!) gin to use in a Dry Martini. As explained previously, Plymouth Gin is extremely

smooth and pleasant to drink even by itself. Dry Martinis contain such a high proportion

of gin that using a product with a slight sweetness and gentle finish makes the experience

all the more enjoyable. The Navy Strength Plymouth Gin I would highly recommend in a

Gimlet. The original recipe calls for the Navy Strength so I see no reason to change what

has survived the test of time! Plymouth Sloe Gin is absolutely delicious topped up with

some Fever-Tree lemon tonic/bitter lemon or, for a special occasion, I would recommend

adding a splash of sloe gin to your glass of champagne.

You’ve got a bottle of Plymouth gin, a boat and mixers of your choosing. You’re ready

to go on a gin adventure, but who would you take with you (dead or alive) and where

would you go?

Although I think he would prefer a bottle of vodka, I would be fascinated to meet Vladimir

Putin! I studied Spanish and Russian at Bristol University and always found Russia’s former

and present political figures incredibly interesting, if not baffling. I would love to get to know

Putin to see what he was really like as a person and to try to make sense of him for myself. I

am sure he would have plenty of controversial stories to tell to fill the time although I realise

I would have to tread very carefully as he is not someone whose feathers I would like to


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